Heal Bone Spurs: Home Remedies for Bone Spur Treatment

posted on 16 Mar 2014 22:52 by warrenioao

Heal Bone Spurs: Home Remedies for Bone Spur Treatment

[YEA] 04/11/2010: Bancheck from Idaho Falls, Idaho: "I am 45 and I have bone spurs on my spine, feet, and hands. One bone spur on my right thumb ruptured in 2002. I lost some function in my right hand to the point of getting my thumb caught and broken twice. I was 380 pounds, pre-diabetic, and walking on broken bones in my feet quite often (Lots of broken toes and my right ankle). Last October 2009 I was hurting and could not breath (Darth Vader had more stealth then I did).

I am a man that should be in his prime but I was unable to work. My ego was more then broken.

I found the solution and in the last 6 months I've been experimenting to make sure its the real deal. Here it is:

First- Vitamin D3 6000 IUs a day (get a non-oil preparation)

Second- No oils, No fried food, No deep fried food, and NO MARGARINE of any kind

Third- No soda of any kind (lowers body pH for 36 hours)

Fourth- Lots of eggs, butter, and avocados real fat (if it won't rot in three days or less don't eat it)

Fifth- Meat needs to be cooked under 210 Degrees for a longer time to keep the fat body ready (the flavor and texture is so much improved anyway).

Sixth- There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate sugar, starch, or fiber (think of these as fertilizer for good and bad bacteria and fungi in the intestines and body) Celiac and Fungi both produce a intestine damaging protein that stops mineral absorption. If eating the fiber gluten doesn't trip it sugar feeding a fungi may. This intestinal distress can last 2 weeks per episode of gluten eaten.

Seventh- Body pH is the problem. Your bones are part of the body's endocrine system. the bones bank minerals for use in hormone production. however they also dump large amounts of calcium into the blood stream to counter low blood pH if needs be. Bad fats (even bottled olive oil) and carbohydrates lower body pH causing such an event.

Eighth- Eat salt, good sea salt, you need salt to make hydrochloric acid to digest food and absorb minerals (chloride ion from salt). You need sodium bicarbonate made in the pancreas and kidneys to get the minerals to the cells. (sodium from salt)

Ninth- get 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, 12 essential proteins, and 3 essential fatty acids daily. I have been using a supplement with a good balance. But, I have 7000 to 12000 MG Calcium with Boron, copper, and the rest in combination with clean gelatin to rebuild my bone matrix and tissue.

Tenth- I drink high pH waters with an ORAC count below -300. I also drink (Ferric Ferrus salt in my water) This salt in an aquarium will support both salt water and fresh water fish simultaneously in the same water for years.)

Eleventh- to get my fungi under control I've been using 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate in 8 or 12 Oz water every morning for 1 month then off for 2 weeks then 1 more month.

Twelveth- eating less good food daily keeps the body from taxing pH reserves and builds bones back faster. Bone spurs are a symptom of osteoporosis. It can be healed in 6 months (documented). I've made progress I can walk again and my weight is falling off, My diabetes went away, and I haven't broken a toe in months still fighting with the fungi. Gluten hides in a lot of food. Just a little stops the bones healing until my guts heal in usually two weeks per episode.

More notes:

Pasteurized milk will not help but hinder the healing of bones. Raw milk has a balance of enzymes, proteins, fats, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins, However, pasteurizing milk kills the enzymes throwing the amino acid (protein), fatty acids, and mineral pH (Calcium and other minerals) out of balance in so much that it requires additional calcium and minerals to now digest the milk.

Homogenized milk imbalances the minerals and fatty acids even more as once homogenized milk fat no longer needs to be digested to leave the intestine wondering in the blood stream unsupervised."
Replies04/14/2010: Bancheck from Idaho Falls, Idaho replies: "More notes:
Exercise can be over done. Exercise dumps multiple forms of acid into the body that then needs to be neutralized. Exercise is more of a result of good body pH balance and not a cause. Large muscle masses require small high pH meals to maintain them over the essential amino and fatty acids required to heal them from the damage of exercise in order to preserve bone and maintain pH reserves.

Fat comes from carbohydrates and poor pH reserves. Fat is what happens when acidic foods are dumped into the blood stream without the calcium to burn them. Increase the calcium and fat disappears.

For more information on how to live a very long healthy life look for books by Dr Joel D Wallach His work as I've tested it so far in combination with a few other things holds water."
11/14/2010: Redbird from Montgomery, Alabama replies: "Hello I just read your suggestions for bone spurs. Two questions. Will this work for neck bone spurs and please tell me about the brand of vitamins you talk about! Thank you much. My husband is suffering and you gave me hope!"[YEA] 08/10/2011: Karen from Nuevo, Ca Usa replies: "This is to Bancheck in Idaho Falls... I sympathize with you. I walked for several years with my foot bones continually broken to some degree... Heal... Then re-break again. Dmso has worked miracles for me. Can take it internally 5 drops in a glass a day or make a 70% dmso and 30% carrier oil and spray where it on 3-4 x day. If no sensitive skin can apply straigtht to skin. Look at Dmso.Org.Nz. This stuff has done miracles for me and my horse too. Good luck. I too have changed my diet similar to yours and yes that has helped so much. No meat. Similar eating habits to the Garden of Eden. Ironic, huh? Garden of Eden heals and mans habits of eating cause disease. Those of us, like you and me, are figuring this out and changing."

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