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First watch this video if you get a chance! It neatly lays out why you've got chronic pain.

Common Reasons Why You Have Chronic Injuries & Pain

Why is my bloody knee/back/neck always hurting!?

Why am I always hurting my knees when I run!?

Why do I get carpal tunnel only in one wrist when I use the computer, but not the other!?

I've experienced virtually every type of musculo-skeletal pain in my short life.? Back pain. Neck pain. Knee pain. Shoulder pain. Elbow pain. Ankle pain. Pain pain pain.? Something always hurting.

Usually I would get pain in three main areas:
Back Pain (& Neck Pain)Knee Pain (& Hip pain)Shoulder Pain (& Elbows/Wrists)
After suffering from so much chronic pain, it got me wondering - how does all this stuff start anyway? How could I do an exercise that only caused one side of my body to hurt, but not the other - even though I was doing the exact same thing?

As it turns out, there are three really common postural issues that frequently happen in modern people.

Today we're just going to talk about one that affects the ankles, knees, and lower back, called pronation distortion syndrome.

Why Your Lower Body Pain And Injuries Aren't Going Away
Pronation distortion syndrome is basically due to the weakening of certain muscle groups, and the tightening of others.

What happens is that the knees and ankles end up not evenly holding your body weight - so when you run, for example, it's putting uneven stress on the body.

It usually results in a couple repetitive injuries and sources of pain:
Plantar fasciitisShin SplintsAnkle issues (like repeated sprains)Patellar TendonitisLower Back Pain
How to Fix Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints or Ankle Issues? (Pronation Distortion Syndrome)
Pronation Distortion
Pronation Distortion
Have any of you ever constantly had the same achy knee - for years?? Or what about an ankle that has never seemed to quite "be right." Foot problems?

Pronation distortion is all about two things: the feet are not loading weight properly, and the knees are not loading weight properly.? This sets you up big time for injury down the line.

Notice the list of common injuries? Plantar fasciitis (bottom of the foot), shin splints (around the front of the calves).

If you have any lower body injuries, this is the place you should be starting.

The knees are caving in, and the feet are caving in. So instead of your body weight being evenly loaded on your knees, and in the center of your feet, it's on the inside of your feet (stressing the ankle), and isn't centered over the knee (stressing the knee).

Now imagine taking 10,000 steps on a run with this situation -- it's easy to visualize why almost everyone has some kind of chronic pain.

What's actually going on that's causing you pain:

The knees are adducting (pulling in) and rotating inward more than usual.? Remember what I talked about in the knee pain when running? Shoulder pain when bench-pressing or doing pushups?)Forces certain body parts into flexion (like your neck from looking at a computer screen. This is actually why I had insomnia for close to two years - pain! - and no one had any idea what was going on.)
These all lead us down the road to chronic pain.

Just check out my "Why Cavemen Never Had Backpain" post. Look at the pictures of people's posture in the 1800s and 1900s compared to now. It's scary.

A lot has changed in the last hundred years. We really do need to treat health as modern health.? The requirements for modern humans to get healthy, fix pain, or lose weight are far different from someone 100 years ago.

Hopefully this helps get you on the path to recovery!

Try it and let me know how it goes -

- Alex

Images: Calf wall stretch

"I Used To Be Afraid to Bend Down and Tie My Shoes Because of my Back And Weight... Until I Read This."

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